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A tree: what a wonderful symbol of life, strength and energy! But does this come from the leaves? At spring time from sap? However, how does sap come up to the top? From the roots, how? A tree draws its energy from the earth and from the sky. It follows the cycles of nature, the influence of latitude, altitude, its mood. It may also live a very long time. This makes trees so attractive, so symbolic. The place where a tree grows gives it its strength or its weakness, or may cause ravages.


In a few words, the stage is set: the earth, the sky, water, the location, the energy patterns and what they contain. Geobiology focuses on studying a given location, adopting a holistic approach. One shall name Tellurism all kind of natural energies coming from earth and its deepest. From Cosmos will come the energy from the Sun, the stars, and all celestial bodies. Altogether they will form what we call Cosmo-Tellurism. Interaction between energy and matter, vibratory universe, matter and spirit, electromagnetism, quantum physics… Geobiology gains new birth, thanks to new discoveries and studies made in recent years.


Geobiology is however as ancient as humanity.

Animals and men knew where to find the most favourable places to live. From observation, common practices are born: where to plant, sow, grow, pasture, dig for wells; where to dwell a house or where to erect stones then temples on sacred sites…


Modern Geobiology reminds us of the importance of the location in life. The world does not simply consist in chemistry; it is also made of physics, vibratory movements, electromagnetic waves and information carried. These phenomena are now studied in most scientific disciplines more particularly in biology, medicine…

In addition to natural sources, nowadays, pollutions resulting from human activities interfere, a byproduct on its own of electric and magnetic pollution called electrosmog, which increased considerably in recent years. On top of smoke, noise, poisonous wastes, leakage of all sorts now come electric and electromagnetic fields resulting from 50 or 60 hertz current, invasion of hyper frequencies in daily use including homes: cell phones, wireless phones, wifi, microwaves, infrasound produced by air conditioning, wind turbines, and x-rays commonly used to treat food products particularly fruits.


Our human body is a world of information permanently relying upon, using and mobilising energetic resource: weak electric currents and magnetic fields, biological light such as biophotons. One’s body is therefore very sensitive to the quality of its environment.


Geobiology studies these energies and these vibratory phenomena from down inside earth to outer space and their influence on living or inert matter.

On a practical level it highlights everything that can be profitable or detrimental to health at a given place. Geopathic stress will therefore be identified by considering firstly Cosmo-Telluric energy patterns then by taking into account nuisance generated by human activities

The world around us

At the beginning Water

Civilization starts with the history of water. A long story. Just a few reminders: 70% of the human body is made of water, up to 94% for an embryo. Water is one of the four elements. From a symbolic perspective, water has two opposite meanings: on one side, renewal and purification; on the other side, destruction, and Deluge. Etruscans established rules for building towns and cities giving consideration to water in its positive and negative aspects. Romans (dowsers!) developed this knowledge further to discover thermal springs and established particular places for health purposes. In Eastern countries Feng Shui, literally Wind and Water, is also a form a Geobiology applied to gepaothic stresses. But this ancient Taoist knowledge is far from the present fashionable interior decoration.

Water carries positive capacities as source of life and negative ones due to influences that it receives carries and delivers. Water must be understood as a media which captures information, carries it and transmits it.


The Earth crust subsoil contains a great number of underground water streams. Water dwells in discontinuities of the underground or “fractures”. Inertia, due the rotation of earth – which turns around at the speed of 40 000 km per day – gives water a movement. Running water due to friction against soil or rock emits electrons. Those electrons come up to the surface vertical of the banks. Those electrons produce an electric current which measures up to 100 millivolts sometimes more. At last this electric current influences everything which is exposed thereto. Underground water streams “short cut” the profitable fostering energy from the ground. This equally applies to swamp sites.


Discontinuities or fractures

The soil of the crust is made of multiple layers of rocks, sediments, alluviums, lava and minerals of all kind. They are neither homogenous nor regular. Earth’s crust has been – and still is – permanently shacked along ages by violent movements: earthquakes, volcanoes, continental drift creating for instance mountainous chains. The subsoil therefore contains multiple fractures, collapses, uprisings, etc. hence these notions of discontinuities or fractures. They are a health hazard. Gamma rays (ionizing beams) generated from the outer core and mantle will use them to find their ways out. Not all fractures necessarily contain an underground water stream.


Radon 222

It is a natural element issued from heavier elements like uranium that can be found in nature. It is emitted by rocks which still contain traces of radioactive elements, such as Granite. It is freed under a gas, heavier than air and tends to accumulate in cavities. It is also soluble in water.


Geobiology takes care to thoroughly detect all natural and human sources of pollution.


Geopathic grids

In order to understand the invisible forces around us, one should understand where they come from and how they are formed. Let’s go back the Earth crust, the soil upon which we live. The average thickness of this crust is about 40 km (25 miles) for an overall diameter of the Earth of about 13 000 km (8100 miles) say less than three per thousand. Going from surface to center, temperature rises to values above 5 000 degrees Celsius (9 000 Fahrenheit).


Inner Earth is made of several layers that are different in terms of solid, liquid or plastic state, as well as their different temperatures and densities. For instance the center or core is solid due to compression. It is composed of mainly iron and nickel which temperature is above 5 000 degrees. Surrounding it, the outer core is liquid and its temperature decreases from 5 000 to 3 500 degrees. This layer is animated by powerful convection movements passing through the mantle layer above (last layer before the crust). Nuclear fusion of materials maintains such high temperatures. Such reaction emits ionizing rays similar to gamma ray frequency running up to the surface of the crust.


On the other hand, all heated metals emit radiations. Now, all metals are contained in Earth’s mass. The most abundant being iron and nickel. As a consequence, these metals emit radiations that come up to the surface of the earth under the shape of energy lines or grids with certain dimensions and particularities. In France, pioneers in searching thereof, are Abbé Bouly inventor of “radiesthesia” – dowsing – Abbé Mermet inventor of the “pendulum”, then Dr Peyré who communicated his research work to the Académie des Sciences in 1940. Second World War brought all work to a halt. It is not before the early fifties that the first grids are really revealed. Dr Ernst Hartmann, from the University of Heidelberg, Germany, depicts in 1950 the first energy grid north-south and gives it his name. In 1961 he creates a research group in Geobiology. He is thus considered the father of Geobiology and modern geopathy. At the same time, a German meteorologist, Dr Curry, discovered another grid which is named after him. The Curry lines are oriented forty five degrees to the north. As a result of what we have seen above, the Hartmann grid is associated to nickel metal and the Curry grid to iron.


Thus the Earth is a rotating metallic object. It permanently produces (emit) electrons feeding ways to electric currents generating an important magnetic field, variable in intensity, in place and in time. Earth can be compared to a dynamo. Magnetic poles differ from geographical poles. Some specialists consider that these electric currents also generate a specific grid at the surface of the Earth named Great Diagonal Grid and so named because it is oriented forty five degrees from north and its lines are around thirty six meters apart.


Let’s come back to the magnetic field. This field is so large that it stretches into two successive zones up to 10 000 km from Earth for the first one and up to 65 000 km for the second. These fields form like a double shield of particles (plasma) maintained by the magnetic field itself. They are named Van Allen belts, after the American astrophysicist who initiated the research program of Explorer 1 satellite, which confirmed the existence of these magnetic fields in 1958. The Van Allen belts therefore protect Earth from radiations and high energy particles coming from Sun and outer space, however enabling more beneficial rays to pass through such as light and heat. Life on Earth would not be possible without such protection.


These solar radiations, partly filtered, also generate a grid that specialists call the Solar Grid, better known under the name of Sacred Grid. It is thus called because the Templar churches of Roman and Gothic arts were erected in such ways that the altar was placed at the crossing of two lines of this grid, amongst other reasons.


The influence of underground water streams, of fractures and the different geopathic grids lead us to now consider the notion of aggressiveness. On which can be added the phenomenon of form waves also know as energy waves of shape, of which some can be particularly aggressive in modern architecture. So let’s now take a look at how it can affect our lives, our wellbeing, our health.



In order to understand the notion of aggressiveness, we must beforehand clarify three ideas.

Firstly, aggressiveness is defined by two factors: intensity and duration. For how long can one undergo a shrill noise, be exposed to radiations? This aims the main subject of related studies. “Chinese torture” on the other hand applies to low intensities during extended time leading to death.

Secondly, as it relates to Geobiology per say, the effects of several simultaneous disturbances do not add up, they multiply. For instance, if we consider a scale of aggressiveness from 1 to 5, thus a underground water stream ranking 4, a fracture ranking 5 and a crossing of Curry lines 3, the total aggressiveness will not be 4+5+3=12 but 4x5x3=60!

Thirdly, the best strategy is avoiding the geopathic stress zone. It goes without saying, doesn’t it?...considering that some rays have travelled thousands kilometers far below our very feet ; except that we find all sorts of lucky charms for the sole benefit of their vendors!


Can we therefore deny any further the notions of aggressiveness and risks? Studies and literature make no doubt any further. Every day, news studies are published to ascertain observations carried out for long time. (1)(2).


It is therefore sound and judicious to locate one’s bed, living or place of sharing, away from underground water streams, fractures and even less on crossing of such water streams, faults, cosmotellurian chimneys, and/or to remain for a long time exposed to electric fields, electromagnetic fields above a certain level. It is also true for hyper frequencies, etc. This can be extended to animals, cattle, sheep or horses maintained in boxes 23h per day…and all living material such as food, places of processing and so on.


In order to assess, identify and locate precisely Cosmo-Telluric causes and artificial pollution, the next step consists in carrying out a geopathic survey by a specialist.


(1)    In the mid fifties, Dr Picard, in France, studied thoroughly the relations between dwelling and repetitive diseases of their inhabitants. He discovered that the inhabitants of a residential area of the town of Moulins, built on ancient swamps, had a rate of cancer twice as much to the national average. His studies triggered the beginning of geopathic surveys in France.


- “Once I went to a man’s home and warned him NOT to sleep in a certain spot.  He thought I was a fool.  Twelve years later, he died of cancer.” Ernst Hartmann, M.D.

Geopathic survey

A geopathic survey takes place on site. It is true that in terms of dowsing (radiesthesia) things can be identified at a distance on a drawing. However there is nothing as precise and complete as a survey on site! A site, a place is a global environment, somehow a living place that one must feel, smell, capture as a whole. A survey is managed like a scientific police investigation: here dry shrub, there a crack line in a wall, the texture of the ground. Before all a geobiologist (also called geopathic surveyor) is good observer.

Then, it is of great value that the information, data and feedback are communicated clearly and the results are easily actionable. The survey consists in identifying precisely the location and nature of geopathic lines and effects and being placed on a drawing scaled at 1/20th or 1/50th according to the extent of the area to survey. The resulting drawing – a map – then becomes a useful tool to set up a living place, a working place, etc. It makes the thinking process easier of future extension or works. Furthermore, division of space in rooms is often based on a rational view point with a primary objective of being practical. With the drawing, the design of the division and partition appear completely different. As such, some extensions of older houses can look less attractive than some others. If our elders did not build there, it is most probable that they had some guided opinion not to do so. We must keep in mind that in the sixties, at least in France, most small villages did not benefit from running water on tap and dowsers were still very active and numerous.

Being on site allows to concretely tackle nuisances: the quality of the house’s electric grid, identify faulty electric devices, electric fields and electromagnetic fields, hyper frequencies. Being on site also allows integrating the surroundings and environment nearby: mobile phone bases, power lines, wind turbines, electrical transformers, remote radars and form waves (energy waves of shape) of the architecture and buildings nearby.

The drawing is then reported with due explanations, exploring various solutions. It is thus an important time of communication and discussion with the geopathic surveyor.

In which case is it necessary to conduct a geopathic survey?

For wellbeing, merely. Is my bed at the right place? Places where I spend most time, or my family, my children, place where family meets, where we receive friends…If you observe animals you will notice that they smell the ground and often make a turnaround before lying down. The bed is the place where we spend the longest part of our lives. Why delay any longer? It can also be valuable to avoid the pitfalls of the various materials we use for building, insulating, decorating. On the work place the factors can be even more diverse and stronger. Rays, grids, influence of underground water streams is found at all floors.

It is also necessary when looking for a building spot and before designing a new construction. It is therefore relevant to ask one’s self the question of the place where we live to help find causes outside our body. In case of health trouble, particularly in case of sleeping disorders ,chronic fatigue, relapse. Metabolic disorders have been pointed out by Pr Andros in his studies on the influence of underground water stream on endocrine system. (2)

Having in one’s hands the precious information of the survey allows putting the maximum odds on one’s side, to recover better and faster, help a cure more efficiently, or simply to be in good shape.

Another use of geopathic surveys concerns the place where animals are kept particularly in reduced space. Experiments conducted on mice have shown that when they are placed in a cage located on a crossing of underground water streams, they become aggressive, they don’t breed any longer or if they do, they kill their progeny. Horses kept in boxes 23hrs a day, cattle, etc. Living matter is concerned as well like processing of food, winemaking, storages.

When repetitive breakdowns occur on fixed equipment or machinery.

When particular places make you feel very uneasy. Some places carry a load, a negative load. That can come from past events or particular (peculiar) causes. This is also the field of intervention of Geobiology. We are still in the world of vibrations, electromagnetic frequencies and information for which the geobiologist is driven to provide answers.

Geobiologic, it is living in harmony with the world around us and learning how to know it. Geobiologic finally it’s logic.



(2)- Pr Robert Andros and his assistant, Karl-Ernst Lotz, published their work in 1992 on the influence of underground streams of water on the human endocrine system.

- Feychting Studies (Institut for miljamedicin, Karolinka instituet, Suede, IMM rapport 6/92 – 1992). “Magnetic fields and cancer in children residing near Swedish high voltage power lines”. The study concerned 450 000 Swedish children monitored during fifteen years.

- Scientists at Dulwich Health Society, USA, studied over 25,000 people with ill health and concluded that the following groups are Geopathically Stressed (GS):

100% of people who get secondary cancer.

95% of people who get cancer were sleeping &/or working in a GS place before or at the time the cancer was diagnosed.

95% of children who are hyperactive, have learning dissabilities or are difficult to control.

95% of people who get aids.

80% of parents/caregivers who abuse children.

80% of divorces are by one or both partners being GS.

80% of couples who cannot have babies, one or both are GS.

80% of women who have a miscarriage.

80% of babies who died of cot death.

70% of M.E. (Post Viral Fatigue) sufferers.

70% of people who are allergic to food/drink.