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A tree: what a wonderful symbol of life, strength and energy! But does this come from the leaves? At spring time from sap? However, how does sap come up to the top? From the roots, how? A tree draws its energy from the earth and from the sky. It follows the cycles of nature, the influence of latitude, altitude, its mood. It may also live a very long time. This makes trees so attractive, so symbolic. The place where a tree grows gives it its strength or its weakness, or may cause ravages.


In a few words, the stage is set: the earth, the sky, water, the location, the energy patterns and what they contain. Geobiology focuses on studying a given location, adopting a holistic approach. One shall name Tellurism all kind of natural energies coming from earth and its deepest. From Cosmos will come the energy from the Sun, the stars, and all celestial bodies. Altogether they will form what we call Cosmo-Tellurism. Interaction between energy and matter, vibratory universe, matter and spirit, electromagnetism, quantum physics… Geobiology gains new birth, thanks to new discoveries and studies made in recent years.


Geobiology is however as ancient as humanity.

Animals and men knew where to find the most favourable places to live. From observation, common practices are born: where to plant, sow, grow, pasture, dig for wells; where to dwell a house or where to erect stones then temples on sacred sites…


Modern Geobiology reminds us of the importance of the location in life. The world does not simply consist in chemistry; it is also made of physics, vibratory movements, electromagnetic waves and information carried. These phenomena are now studied in most scientific disciplines more particularly in biology, medicine…

In addition to natural sources, nowadays, pollutions resulting from human activities interfere, a byproduct on its own of electric and magnetic pollution called electrosmog, which increased considerably in recent years. On top of smoke, noise, poisonous wastes, leakage of all sorts now come electric and electromagnetic fields resulting from 50 or 60 hertz current, invasion of hyper frequencies in daily use including homes: cell phones, wireless phones, wifi, microwaves, infrasound produced by air conditioning, wind turbines, and x-rays commonly used to treat food products particularly fruits.


Our human body is a world of information permanently relying upon, using and mobilising energetic resource: weak electric currents and magnetic fields, biological light such as biophotons. One’s body is therefore very sensitive to the quality of its environment.


Geobiology studies these energies and these vibratory phenomena from down inside earth to outer space and their influence on living or inert matter.

On a practical level it highlights everything that can be profitable or detrimental to health at a given place. Geopathic stress will therefore be identified by considering firstly Cosmo-Telluric energy patterns then by taking into account nuisance generated by human activities